The Beginnings

Hello, I'm Luca!

I worked for years as a skin supplier for the stylists of the largest Italian fashion brands.

Having access to their material warehouses, I noticed with regret the amount of skin advanced by the seasonal collections and remained unused on the shelves.

It was a shame not to be able to offer them to those who do not have the opportunity to buy on a large scale and therefore commissioned quality skin and unique creativity.

In 2007 I decided to open La Garzarara, to make available to craftsmen and designers, otherwise inaccessible skins, with refined finishes and characterized by colors and creativity that cannot be found on the market.>

Today La Garzarara shop you will find very special recovery skins but also more sober skins, suitable for a wide range of uses. They all are Made in Italy.

La Garzarara

In 2007 La Garzarara was officially born. The name, which was thought of by Luca, says a lot about the company and our products: precious, glittering and exclusive.

We help designers, stylists and craftsmen from all over the world to create objects and unique garments by offering them exclusive skins from the largest Italian brands leader in the fashion sector.

Thanks to the encounter of precious, versatile and exclusive materials such as our leathers and the surprising creativity of our customers, unique furnishing objects, clothes, accessories and surprising footwear are born.

We commit to being an active player in circular economy: we continuously search for unique leathers to which we want to give new possibilities, avoiding the waste of materials and opportunities.

We are passionate about the story behind the skin that we welcome in our warehouse and that is why we personally know the expert tanners to whom we rely on.

We have an everyday-communication with our customers to personally know them and understand their needs; This is the only way can we provide you with a premium customer service that can respond in a timely and precise way to all your requests.

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