The origins

This is La Garzarara’s history, a colorful and creative reality, always booming as its creator Gianluca Pacini, or Luca for the friends. It’s an history that involves two generations that are unified by creativity and that created a unique company in the leather business, with a passionate team, committed every day to do the best for the customers. But stop speaking in third person: this is the our history, an history of people and passion.

We born in 1975, in Porto Sant’Elpidio, in the Marche region, when Luca’s father started to sell leather to the local district manufacturers, creating a small company full of entusiasm and passion, the same passion that transmitted to Luca.
In the 2000 Luca took the reins of the company. With time and a bit of luck and dedication, he transformed the starting business in a new and fresh reality, that looks at the future without fear, because it’s well anchored to the roots experience.

La Garzarara

In the 2007 officially born La Garzarara. The name it’s a Luca’s idea: he conceived during a dinner with a stylist friend. For us it says a lot of our the company and about our leathers: preciouses, glitterings and exclusives as the objects that derive from them.

Till the beginning the main focus was ‘originality’: colors, textures, finishings, pairings are meant to impress at first glance, so that, in the past, we produced only in limited editions. Now, in our samples, you can find very special leathers and more simples, suitable for a wide range of uses.

We have customers in all Europe: stylists, artisans and designers use our leathers to produce shoes, bags, accessories, clothes, pieces of furniture and many other really nice things. We are present to some important fairs like Linea Pelle London, Linea Pelle Milan and Futurmoda Alicante.

The leathers that we create are made by skilled hands of expert tanners in laboratories that we personally know. As we love to know personally our customers: listening to them, understand them, talk to them. Because when you are a part of a creative process all the links are important.