Lo staff


founder, creative mind and more

Luca is the founder of La Garzarara and is also the designer of our leathers: is from him that come the inspirations for the colors, the texture, finishes and combinations. Luca, however, is not limited being “the mind”: he manages the relations with sales network and directly takes care of our customers. Because for us, human relationships are the key.


administration and pattern book packaging

Sara is our administration magician: she keeps under control all aspects of our work. But not only, when not busy with thousands of papers, she dedicates to pattern book: patiently and carefully she selects, cuts and pastes leather samples to package the books that we deliver to our customers.


orders and shipments

Claudia deals with everything related to logistics of our products: she handles the purchases and orders, she takes care of sending raw material to the laboratories and the finished products to end users. In short, wihout her, we would be lost.

With us work also excellent associates, who with their expertise and their passion help us to improve every day our project.