The skin is a natural material and for this unique already in itself: no skin is equal to another, because the nature produces only unique pieces.

Always, we from La Garzarara think that skin is a high creative content material already before it is used to create objects, shoes, handbags, accessories and clothing. This material, in fact, has the extraordinary ability to change based on how it is processed and expresses different sides of themselves depending on the use made of it.

To get our skins, we play with all possible aspects.

Infinite color options

Today, tanning techniques are so advanced that we can obtain colors, shades, effects of depth and three-dimensionality that do not put any limit to the creative process.

Surfaces that conquer at first touch

The skin naturally has a slightly porous surface, but the processing techniques can make it very smooth and compact, using laminated finishes, or exaggerating the raw through abrasion ‘s processes.

Finishes that enchant the eyes

When it comes to finishing the possibilities are almost endless. You can use film and paints to give a super shiny effect, metallic or glittery or otherwise to give the skin a matte appearance, vintage or crackle’.

Texture with spectacular effects

The skin can be printed, embossed, to achieve special graphic patterns, drawings or three-dimensional effects.

Handmade decorations that open every possibility.

Here in La Garzarara have a weakness for decorated leather: is our speciality. We like it so much because it allows us to unleash our creative spirit, creating truly unique and inimitable products.