Street style, stains, metallic effects and painting by hand: these are the news of the Autumn / Winter 2017 of La Garzarara collection.

“Steal like an artist,” says Austin Kleon to talk about the creative process, but in turn paraphrases Picasso who has always maintained firmly: “Art is a robbery” – not literally, of course.
You can not blame these great creative: when you start to create a new collection each has its own way of doing research, to develop ideas, to imprint their signature, but everyone, absolutely everyone, we take inspiration from others and we hope that others can find inspiration in our work. Because creativity is the art of looking at the world through different eyes, recombine the existing molding it with his instincts and sensitivity to achieve something that can represent our point of view on the world that is unique, original, inimitable.

We , La Garzarara do just that when we look at the fashion trends of the season comes: we the way we observe, study, interpret, and never leave too caged in their schemes. The inspiration, the real one, it comes from real life, from the most different corners of the world, from the places where we were, which we have read, seen, heard: our eye likes to fixate on small details, the seemingly insignificant details , on everyday objects that little to do with fashion, but express a mood, a state of mind, a form of thought.

The more ideas still come a time from the Europa Center, which for us has always been the right balance between originality and functionality, aesthetics and practicality.

Dare in the right measure: this we do with our latest collection, which compared to previous, begins dating from the territories now inflated the metallic leather, luxurious and elegant to embrace new styles in line with the latest trends in street style.

In the new Fall / Winter 2017 collection we have introduced many items hand-painted with the more or less obvious stains, sometimes pearled. Painting by hand, after all, is the true expression of our understanding of the skin: a surface in becoming that opens up endless creative possibilities