Each new collection is not so much a new beginning, as the continuation of a journey, with its similarities and its breakage.

In the collection Spring Summer 2018, we continued to mix with strong color accents of the most neutral bases to try to give a new spirit especially the chamois.

As for the rolled leather, we have made them much more sensual and transparent, using clear and white conce bases to give them a more delicate appearance.

Obviously there are the shock news, focused in particular on two aspects. The painted articles, and those stains, both solid, to which we have given a more decisive look, almost aggressive, up to create marble effect. We did the same with tassels, taking advantage of one of our must: the “lunar” effect proposed in the usual opaque and laminated variants with the addition of the new entry pearly.

Wide space for the crusts that is pearled coated, always rigorasamente handmade.

Finally, there are plenty of white / black accents.